What I Offer

Individual One to One Session

Personal Spiritual Counseling- Healing Frequency work - Online.

Re-enter your true self, remove the obstacles that hinder your life fulfilling. Recognize your true needs again and reactivate your inherent creative power to live the life you long for.

Individual spiritual counselling – Healing Frequency work is about you, your blockages, your potential, your wishes and needs. Get to know, appreciate and love yourself again. It's about you, start today. I love to support you.

After your payment via STRIPE we will get in touch and schedule our appointment, the meeting will usually take place via Zoom.

60 Minutes – $ 140,00   |   € 140,00

Remote Treatment

Remote treatment – Clearing / Harmonize / Healing frequency work

Everything is energy and everything is available at every moment. Through your booking and a clear order with your personal topic by email, I can treat, clarify and harmonize your problem remotely with healing frequency work.

In a remote healing frequency work, energies, entities are released, blessings are added, strengths are strengthened. This can be done, for example, through spiritual healing as prayers, pendulum healing frequency work, shamanic energy work. The technique to be chosen is always selected and applied in relation to your needs.

After your payment via STRIPE we will get in touch and clarify.

30 Minutes $ 59,00   |   € 59,00

Monthly Meditation Circle

Monthly Meditation

Monthly virtual Meditation – Open up to the blessings of your ancestors

March 11th  2024 • 7a.m.     EST   •••••  1:00 p.m.   Berlin/Germany

Monthly virtual guided Meditation Series -Open up to the Blessings
With monthly changing topics, I lead you back into the state of acceptance and receiving in order to strengthen your awareness of yourself and the respective good gifts.
Become aware of multiple blessings again, reintegrate into your life and become more beneficial.

After your payment via STRIPE you will receive a ZOOM link to participate.

Via Zoom Lasts about 30 minutes $ 24,00   |   € 24,00

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Coaching package self-love self-worth

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Contact me / get on mailing list:  mail@spiritual-soul-art.com
Fon: +49-7222-3877780

Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner, see Terms & Conditions § 9.

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