I struggled with self-doubt and a lack of self-worth that had been holding me back for years. From the very first session, I felt a sense of compassion and understanding from Alexandra. She skillfully guided me through a process of self-discovery, helping me unearth the underlying beliefs and patterns that were contributing to my low self-esteem. Through a combination of therapeutic methods and practical exercises, I gradually began to see a profound shift in the way I perceived myself.

What truly set my healing with Alexandra apart is its personalized approach. With each session, I felt like I was shedding layers of self-doubt and stepping into a newfound sense of empowerment.

If you're struggling with self-worth issues and are seeking genuine transformation, I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra. She has the expertise and compassion to guide you on a path toward realizing your true potential and embracing a life filled with self-love and confidence.

With deep gratitude, Vanja


Anyone who comes across Alexandra is truly blessed. Alexandra works with such high integrity. She is very professional and skilled in many modalities. But most importantly, she uses her intuition and her connection to the divine to guide the session. All you have to do is put your trust in her and follow her suggestions. She knows what she is doing. I felt shifts in my energy within seconds of commencement. I felt so much love pour through me, and my energy was so much balanced in the end. My vibrations flowed more freely. You are in safe hands and will get results with Alexandra


Having Alexandra help me with my self-healing has been a great journey! She listens intently because she cares about your well-being. She is so gracious, gentle, and loving. Alexandra is in tune with even the softest shifts of energy and knows intuitively what the sessions needs and how much needs to be done without it being overwhelming. You can tell just by meeting Alexandra she has been gifted with so much wisdom. She has truly helped me overcome major themes that have been repeating throughout my life. I am so grateful for you, Alexandra!


Alexandra came into my life through a dear childhood friend of mine, Reverend NamShakti from The Divine Temple in Virginia. During a constellation session and my life has not been the same since. Alexandra has helped me healed pass trauma of my childhood, divorce, and family. I have gain clarity of the pass, present, and the future. I’ve been able to move forward, heal and understand my calling. I admire her beautiful gifts and I acknowledge that she has been a help in my life and a spiritual guide for my personal path. I plan to continue to heal and learn from her. I am blessed to have come across a beautiful soul like Alexandra.

With Love -Daniela

Alexandra is incredibly intuitive and channels her insights with directness, kindness, and ease. 

I became interested in her work after hearing from a friend that she changed the life of her husband without ever meeting him or working with him directly. To my amazement, she made accurate observations about my beloved as well, and I feel she has helped us both! 

You can tell she practices what she preaches in terms of encouraging you to talk with your angels; it seemed like her own were speaking through her as she relayed information and advice with tenderness and genuine compassion. She clearly deeply cares for the well-being of her clients, all of their relations, and the collective healing of humanity.

She stresses that English is not her first language and that she can be hard to understand, but I had no problem getting exactly what she wanted to share with me and felt very understood myself; totally supported and assisted.


My appointments with Alexandra Hettel have so far only taken place online. Thanks to her empathetic nature, she is still able to address topics directly, sense problems and get to the point. I always had the feeling that I was in good hands. She always adapted her methods to the situation at hand. She takes enough time for the actual appointment, but also for preparation and follow-up. As a result, I can say that a lot of things have become clear or have simply been pushed into the background and I feel much freer and happier as a result. Thank you Alexandra


My cousin's recommendation to contact Mrs. Alexandra Hettel was worth its weight in gold for me.
My weakness attack with dizziness quickly improved due to the treatment, so I am completely well today. I am grateful to Mrs. Hettel for her quick help.


My first treatment with Ms. Hettel was via Zoom meeting. She asked me very competently and precisely about my “problem” and Ms. Hettel very quickly recognized the source of my problem. This has been edited and what I really liked is that I can also “determine” how quickly the change (or letting go progresses) through exercises that I do took place. These can be easily integrated into my daily routine.
Just one day later I noticed a “pattern break” in myself, which I find incredible. A big thank you for that. I was also given remote treatment, and here too I felt like “it’s getting easier”. To get to the point, I would and will definitely recommend Ms. Hettel. Thanks to her incredible knowledge and her emphatic nature, she has already been a great help to me and I have only just begun.


I received Mrs. Hettels address from an enthusiastic acquaintance who was treated by her. For years I suffered from stomach and intestinal problems and intolerance to eggs and various dairy products.

The treatment in January with Ms. Hettel was very gentle and pleasant, you could say it felt like "healing hands". But my soul also felt better immediately after the treatment. As if by a miracle, I can now safely use the above mentioned food.

Ms. Hettel also completely healed my dog from her back problems. Since the vet only wanted to use harsh agents such as cortisone, I stopped the treatment. Thanks to Ms. Hettel's wonderful healing powers, my little one is now completely healthy again and full of joy and life power.

I can recommend Ms. Hettel to everyone and I will continue to put myself in her hands with confidence if I have any problems. Thank heaven that there are such valuable people like Ms. Hettel.


When I was stressed or angry at work or in my private life, my skin would always become red, inflamed and itchy in a certain area. My doctor always prescribed an ointment (although she also recognized that the inflammation was psychological). This problem plagued me for almost 20 years and I suffered greatly from it. Then, about 13 years ago, I sought help from Alexandra. We made a systemic constellation and very quickly found the cause/origin of it and resolved it.    Since then, I have never had any inflammation on my skin again, no matter how much stress or anger I have had. In the past few years I have been to Alexandra a few times to work on and resolve issues. I also took my daughter (7 years old at the time) to her and she dealt with her and her problem in a wonderfully age-appropriate and sensitive way and 

solved it.

Alexandra does not treat symptoms like conventional doctors, she goes to the cause/origin of the problem. And only if you find it, treat it and resolve it will it disappear permanently so that there are no longer any symptoms. Alexandra's approach is very sensitive and she quickly recognizes which treatment method is best and most effective.

It is a divine gift that Alexandra received, discovered and now made her calling. I am 

very grateful that she is now using this gift to help other people free themselves from 

psychological and physical problems so that life becomes more livable and beautiful 


I am very grateful that we met in this life.


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