I am passionate to help individuals and groups to boost their self-esteem and self-love, empowering them to rediscover their true selves and create positive shifts in their lives, including improved health, relationships, spiritual connection, and financial prosperity.

Remember your true self, your inherent creative power, release blockages and become aware of your true desires and gifts. Start to create your life again!

For many years I have been accompanying people and groups in their individual challenges and offer themed seminars. I will be happy to support you.

What I offer

Personal Spiritual Counseling - Healing Frequency Energy Work – Online

Remote Treatment

Monthly Meditation

Online Constellation

Thematic workshops …

Telegram Channel - Spiritual Soul Art

Contact me / get on mailing list:  mail@spiritual-soul-art.com
Fon: +49-7222-3877780

Spiritual healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or alternative practitioner, see Terms & Conditions § 9.

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