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 Choose consciously 

 A     Create two lists and work through them over a period of 7 days

  • 1.   What are the sources of negative energy that you frequently associate with?

What do I no longer want? What bothers me? What affects me badly?
What do I normally think about this topic? How do I feel about this? What am I denying myself?
Which emotions show up that I don´t want to feel? 

  • 2.   What are the sources of positive energy you have already cultivated or that you would like to consciously attract into your life now?

What is positive in my life, myself and my surrounding?
What am I longing for? What are my secret dreams? Where I am good at?
What brings me joy? What is good for me, strengthens and nourishes me?
What do I want to think? How do I want to feel? How do I care for myself ? What brings me joy?

Read through these lists daily and complete the points on both lists with comments:
Write down your findings and perceptions.

Now you might see two fields of Energy -one you probably rather want to transmute and change.
Because it rather lowers your Energy.

Good Ones you have, partial have or long to have. That uplifts your Energy. That makes you feel alive.

B     Choose one Competence/Feeling/one Frequency you want to implement on a daily base into your life and listen to the following Meditation

Now choose from your notes a competence a quality that you would like to consciously enliven. Choose of your own free will - for your highest good - to consciously make this quality your own, to give yourself space, to feel, to think, to BE it more and more.

Once you start doing this and connect to this frequency/energy field on a regular basis, the more you will attract this quality/energy field/frequency into your life.

Put a pen aside so that you can take notes after meditation if you wish to.

Note on listening to meditations:

Never listen to a meditation while driving a car or doing any other external activity that requires your full concentration and awareness. A meditation should always be listened to in a quiet, undisturbed place and surrounding. When you meditate, you go inward - stop any external activity!

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