„I AM with myself.“

Breathing, awareness, meditation.

From action mode to being mode.

Turn your gaze inward.

Get calm, follow your breath.


Get calm, draw strength.


Be with yourself

listen inward.


Get aware of your senses.

Becoming aware of the


Be One with you

and thus


with all of creation.

The candle shines from its center. With breathing, meditation and awareness exercises we move inward to our center; we enter into our BEING, draw strength and refresh on the ground of our inner essence.

When balance is disturbed between action and regeneration,

giving and receiving;

when more energy flows away and we can't restore it,

when life goes to our substance, when we feel it is getting

too much ...

…. then breathing, meditation and awareness exercises are the right way

to restore balance again.

Things can be turned around

instead of reacting to the needs and demands of the "outside world"

a conscious action through

“inner peace and strength”

takes place.

We practice awareness, meditation, silence - inside as well as outside.

We consciously interrupt everything that normally determines our life and relax in the Presence of NOW.

We give mind, body and soul the opportunity to linger - no matter what thoughts arise, what feelings appear or what body sensations show up.

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