Healing frequency energy work

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Everything is energy in various forms of manifestation. We live embedded in creation and our surroundings impact us energetically – just as we impact them.

Energies/frequencies can have both - positive and negative effects on us.

We all know the blessing effect of encouraging words as well as the words of evaluative criticism.

A kind look can put us in a positive mood and allow us to grow in confidence,

An evil eye can freeze us to the core and feed doubts in us.

Everyone can certainly remember the uplifting vibration of the music, which dissolved a depressed mood into bliss.

Although we were not physically touched, the frequency/energy within touched us, we resonated with it and responded to it - in our own unique way.

Healing frequency energy work – I refer to as 

finding and accepting the unwanted energies/frequencies within us in order to acknowledge them, resolve them, become aware of them, acknowledge our role in the process of creation and manifestation

to choose anew consciously and then use exercises to evoke and nourish the energies and frequencies within us that we want to experience, invite and manifest into our lives.

Basically, all of life is an interaction of ALL on all levels, therefore every prayer, every feeling of gratitude, every blessing, every good deed, every blessing sung combined with pendulum frequency work or other methods affects EVERYTHING.

Therefore, we all constantly treat ourselves with the way we think, feel, do, radiate and ARE. May everyone become aware of this divine inherent creative power again and through conscious BEING, work as a blessing for themselves, their fellow human beings and all life that is.

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